Dismissing a Volunteer

One of the recurrent nightmares of a Volunteer Manager is encountering a situation in which they may have to consider “firing” a volunteer.  For many, the very idea creates severe stress both over the appropriateness of the action and over fear of legal and political consequences.  This is a very difficult issue for Volunteer Managers, and many delay dealing with the issue until they are confronted with it.

Let us help you out and talk about the effective way to dismiss a volunteer in your organization.

——-> Watch this free training on Dismissing a Volunteer!

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  1. Emi Johnson on March 2, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    Thank you for sharing the wise tips for dismissing a volunteer. The presentation was very helpful. I am developing in-house training for our library staff who supervise volunteers for the City of Austin Public Library and will include a link to your YouTube presentation.

    Emi Johnson, Volunteer Services
    Training and Development

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