Volunteer Retention 101: 5 Keys to Success

I recently read a phenomenal blog about the “Importance of Creating a Volunteer Orientation” and was intrigued at the viewpoint from this particular volunteer. Often times, organizations do not realize the importance that volunteer orientations play in both RECRUITING and RETAINING volunteers. As odd as it may sound, volunteers have admitted that they are more…

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Retaining and Recognizing Volunteers

Retaining your volunteers is the key to success. There is no point in being good at recruitment if you cannot keep volunteers coming back. Recruitment is a solution to the problem of not having enough volunteers; retention is a way to avoid the problem altogether. This training looks at some important aspects of retaining and…

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Dismissing a Volunteer

One of the recurrent nightmares of a Volunteer Manager is encountering a situation in which they may have to consider “firing” a volunteer.  For many, the very idea creates severe stress both over the appropriateness of the action and over fear of legal and political consequences.  This is a very difficult issue for Volunteer Managers,…

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Discovering Volunteers

The critical step in getting your volunteer program started (and sustaining it) is getting the right volunteers to fill the volunteer positions.  This brief training will discuss how to discover/invite the right people to serve in the volunteer roles in your organization. We will discuss: The three common strategies of recruitment Developing a recruitment strategy…

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Creating a Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Handbooks, just like any other type of handbook, set the stage for volunteer engagement.  It helps volunteers and paid staff understand how they work together.  A volunteer handbook serves three major purposes: (1) relaying crucial organizational information, (2) establishing clear expectations, and (3) emphasizing the importance of volunteers to your organization.  Sharing this information…

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