ALTRUISTICALLY YOURS, LLC offers 3 types of services for Volunteer Management. Please see the below descriptions to determine which service will work best for your nonprofit organization:


We have designed a program to help you create a stellar Volunteer Program in 9 easy steps. This 9-step coaching program provides weekly consultation with a Volunteer Management Consultant, covering the following information:

STEP ONE: Organization Diagnostic Check
STEP TWO: Assess/Identify and Prioritize the Pain
STEP THREE: The Volunteer Management Cycle
STEP FOUR: Phase 1 - Discover Volunteers
STEP FIVE: Phase 2 - Deploy Volunteers
STEP SIX: Phase 3 - Develop Volunteers
STEP SEVEN: Phase 4 - Distinguish Volunteers
STEP EIGHT: Volunteer Management Software
STEP NINE: Measuring Program Effectiveness


Please complete the following informal questionnaire about the current state of your Volunteer Program. Altruistically Yours, LLC desires to provide the absolute best service possible to move you one step closer to creating a "Stellar" Volunteer Program.

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recruit-strategy-510THE 3 R's OF VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT

We have create resources that assist your Volunteer Program with the 3 R's of Volunteer Management (recruit, recognize, retain). You can purchase and download those resources here!


  • How to Craft a Recruitment Message
  • Recruitment Strategies & Techniques
  • Volunteer Application Template
  • Volunteer Success Profile (free)
  • Volunteer Handbook Template
  • Orientation Template


  • Systematic Tracking And Retention System (STARS) Program


  • Continuous Improvement Plan



Whether it's a community-wide beautifucation project, or any event where you plan to engage over 500 volunteers in one sitting, let Altruistically Yours, LLC help you with your one time event. Please inquire about this service.

Examples of one-time events:
Moms Clean Air Force - Community Rx
2017 Earth Day on English Avenue - WSB
2017 Earth Day on English Avenue - AJC
Atlanta Back to School Food Festival
Feed the Children - 11Alive
The Nonprofit Trinity Awards

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