Creating a Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Handbooks, just like any other type of handbook, set the stage for volunteer engagement.  It helps volunteers and paid staff understand how they work together.  A volunteer handbook serves three major purposes: (1) relaying crucial organizational information, (2) establishing clear expectations, and (3) emphasizing the importance of volunteers to your organization.  Sharing this information helps you welcome volunteers to your organization and provide them with essential tools to succeed in their specific role(s).

So, now that you realize that volunteer handbooks can be an incredible resource to: explain to the volunteer their specific role within the organization, help them understand how their contributions relate to the organization’s mission, and answer “how to” questions, would you like some help with crafting such an informed document?

Do you fully understand why volunteer handbooks are so important? Or what to put in them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

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